Taking A Second Look At Blackberry Wine

When it comes to alcoholic beverages in the US, wine is very popular and interest is increasing every year. In 2016 alone, US wine sells were close to $60 billion. While many wine drinkers prefer wine made from grapes, various types of fruit wines are also gaining in popularity. Wines made from fruits other than grapes are often sweet and offer up a different set of health benefits. Blackberry wine in particular is a popular type of fruit wine. Here are three reasons to take a look at blackberry wine.

It Can Be Made At Home

For those who enjoy making their own wine at home, blackberry wine is a great option. Blackberries are easy to find, especially during the late spring to early fall months. It takes about 15 pounds of blackberries to make 5 gallons of homemade blackberry wine. Making blackberry wine is also a relatively easy process for those who have experience making wine. The main downside to making blackberry wine is that it can be time consuming. It takes about 8 to 12 weeks to bottle the wine and then up to a year of aging may be required. 

It's Becoming Easier To Obtain

For those who don't have the skills or the patience to make their own blackberry wine, it is becoming easier than ever to obtain. Plenty of wineries offer fruit wines. Fruit wine is produced by a little less than 10 percent of domestic wineries in the US. While many may find that there aren't any wineries that produce blackberry wine close by, there is a good chance that local stores stock this type of wine. It's also readily available from a variety of winemakers online as well.

Health Benefits

Not only is blackberry wine tasty, it also offers plenty of health benefits. Of course, any wine should be consumed in moderation. A glass or two of blackberry wine contains flavonoids which have antioxidant properties. Flavonoids can reduce free radicals in the body and research has shown that they can reduce the incidence of certain cancers. Blackberry wine also contains resveratrol and procyanidins, both of which can have positive health impacts by reducing cholesterol levels and heart disease. Overall, drinking blackberry wine can be beneficial.

While many do prefer the taste of wine made from grapes, fruit wines also offer a great experience. Blackberry wine in particular is tasty and offers plenty of benefits. Blackberry wine can be made at home, is becoming easier to find both online and in stores, and offers health benefits when consumed in moderation. 

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