Be A Slick Liquor Picker When Planning A Birthday Bash

If you are going to be throwing a birthday bash for your sister and there are going to be cocktails, shots, and other alcoholic beverages served throughout the celebration, your first instinct may be to jump into your car and head to the closest liquor store. Before haphazardly purchasing several types of liquor, prepare a list that relates to the type of beverages that you wish to serve and the targeted amount that you expect each guest to consume.

Decide How Alcohol Will Be Served

It doesn't require a fully-stocked bar to appease most people, and if the main focus of the party is going to be to ensure that your sister feels honored, serving alcoholic beverages may be just one facet of the gathering. Choose a few cocktail varieties that are popular and that you have actually tried previously. For most mixed drinks, you will need to purchase a bottle or two of liquor, some flavored syrup or a mix, and some fruit or vegetable garnishes.

In addition, ice will be an additive that will keep the guests' drinks refreshingly cool. As for the shots that are going to be offered, stick to a couple of classic types of alcohol. Remember, not all of the guests are probably going to indulge in alcohol, and some may decide that they would like to partake in the festivities but would enjoy drinking a beverage with a much lower alcohol content. For these guests, plan on purchasing a case of beer or wine spritzers. 

Ask For Recommendations

When you arrive at a liquor store, you will be greeted with rows of shelving units and racks of alcoholic beverages, and this can be quite intimidating. Don't select the first beverage that you see or rely solely upon the advertising that surrounds an alcohol variety. If you are not an alcohol savvy person and tend to purchase the same brand all of the time, maybe you are missing out on a great deal or a different type of alcohol that will be a crowd-pleaser.

Let a clerk know about the types of beverages that you wish to serve and request recommendations from them. Ask about the store's return policy if you are worried that you are going to be purchasing more alcohol than you will need. If all sales are final and you do not want to risk wasting money on alcohol that won't be consumed, settle for less alcohol and plan on making a second run to the liquor store if you discover that your initial purchase wasn't large enough to serve all of the party guests.

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