Liquor-Buying Blunders You Might Be Guilty Of

Everyone age 21 and older is capable of buying liquor, right? You walk into the liquor store, pick out what you want, and pay for your purchase at the cash register. As simple as this sounds, though, a lot of people do make some small blunders during the liquor-buying process. Chances are, you're guilty of one or more of these blunders yourself! Luckily, after reading about them below, you can avoid them in the future.

Blunder #1: Buying the big bottle of something you haven't tried before.

Larger bottles of liquor are almost always cheaper in a "dollars per ounce" sense. So, if you know you like and will use a certain liquor, the larger bottle is generally the better buy. However, buying the large bottle of a liquor you have not tried before is a common liquor buying blunder. What if you don't like the new liquor? Then, you'll have a whole large bottle that sits around for years. It's best to buy a smaller bottle the first time you try a new liquor so that if you don't like it, less goes to waste.

Blunder #2: Never looking down.

Most of the cheap, low-end liquors are on the bottom shelf, so if you are a "mid-shelf and up" type of person, you may never even look down at the lowers shelves. However, it's worth looking down now and then. Some liquor stores don't just put their low-priced liquors down low. They may also put better quality liquors that are on sale down there. So, by glancing down now and then, you might find some good deals on better quality liquors you enjoy.

Blunder #3: Only buying the big brands.

Do you stick to the big brands because they are tried and true? This might reduce your risk of buying a liquor you don't love, but it also really limits your experience. Small, craft distilleries are becoming more common in the United States. Since they craft everything in small batches, they can produce some really high-end liquor, often for less than the really well known producers. Venture away from the big brands now and then, and you might discover a new favorite producer.

While buying liquor is a simple task, there are a lot of ways you can improve the process and end up with drinks you love even more. Try to avoid the blunders above, and enjoy yourself.

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