Craft Beer-Inspired Gift Ideas

Craft beer makes a tasty and thoughtful gift for any connoisseur on your list—such as a parent, spouse, friend, or co-worker. There are many craft brews from which to choose—such as Daveco Beer, Wine & Spirits—as well as complementary items if you want to round out the present. 

Craft beer is typically made in small breweries using some local ingredients, which give them their distinctive flavors. They sometimes use seasonal ingredients such as fruits and herbs in their brews, which creates limited editions. Beer lovers will appreciate a sampling of different types of brews that are commonly found in mega-breweries. 

You can pick up different types of craft beer as you travel to different destinations to use as creative gifts throughout the year. Craft beer makes a tasty gift for almost any type of special event or occasion, including birthdays, holidays such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, anniversaries, college graduations, and even weddings if the couple is known for their love of local brews. Craft beer is also a great souvenir for friends or loved ones who would appreciate it. 

Here are some craft beer-inspired gift ideas to consider: 

1. Local Brew Sampler 

Some breweries offer sampler packs featuring their most popular beer, as well as some of their seasonal selections. If you don't know what type of beer the recipient prefers, or if they have adventurous tastes, a sampler pack may be the perfect option. 

As another idea, you can choose one pack of the brewery's most popular selection, as well as one limited edition pack instead. Include any information you can about the beer so that the recipient knows what local ingredients it contains. 

2. Craft Beer Gift Basket

You can either purchase a basket put together by a brewery, or design one yourself. Start with a high-quality wicker basket, which the recipient can reuse. A picnic basket is a fun option during the warmer months of the year.

Fill the basket with a few different craft beers, as well as a selection of both sweet and savory treats. Some ideas include roasted nuts, pretzels, gourmet potato chips, cheese and crackers, homemade cookies or brownies, and dried fruit. For a picnic basket, include any necessary serving items such as a knife or cheese cutter as well. 

As a customized touch, you can also include a beer mug printed with the recipient's name, initials, or favorite sports team logo. Having the glass etched with a special message or picture is another idea.

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Craft beer makes a tasty and thoughtful gift for any connoisseur on your list—such as a parent, spouse, friend, or co-worker. There are many craft bre

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